Incredible staff, amazing inventory, custom pieces, classics and so much more. Really honest brokers!

Thank you for your great service. Many nice items are offered. Something for everyone

Then only people I trust to leave my Diamond Ring with! Brian, Emily and Greg are just the best. Thank you. Highly trustworthy and recommend for all new and older jewelry repairs.

My husband’s wedding ring needs to be enlarged. We have had other jewelry worked on here over the years. I would not consider any other jeweler to do work on such a sentimental piece. We have always been very pleased with their work.

My husband’s wedding ring needs to be enlarged. We have had other jewelry worked on here over the years. I would not consider any other jeweler to do work on such a sentimental piece. We have always been very pleased with their work.

Prompt, courteous service by knowledgeable, professional employees.
Best prices in the area! Great selection of diamonds, heirloom and precious stone pieces. Many eye- popping Amethyst pieces are sure to please.

Went here on a Saturday recently with a loose diamond on my wedding ring that needed four new prongs. I didn’t expect to get my rings back for weeks, but I was thrilled to get them fixed within a couple of hours. They even fixed my mom’s vintage wedding ring. I got the best customer service and quality work. This is a great place to find unique and beautiful jeweler

Very fair on buying gold ..etc …
95% of spot
Lots of jewelry here
Same owners since 1967
Cool place

Really helpful staff and great range of jewellery, watches and lots of surprise items

I was pleasantly surprised at how the staff made the trip so much more enjoyable. Very helpful, absolutely no sales pressure. They actually made it fun, and I’m looking forward to going back next year.

Family owned. Great customer service. Great prices. Has lots of antique jewelry. Friend got a new watch and was very happy with it.

First time there Christmas Eve wanted to check out a few things for my daughter and was surprised. The place is jam-packed with every all varieties of jewelry. Found some very cool gifts for my daughter and the owner was very helpful and a great guy.

The owners were extremely happy and very accommodating. They fixed my earring. I’m so happy. It’s been broken for so long The nicest people, you can tell it is a definitely a family business and really know there stuff. Beautiful store. I’ll definitely have more repairs done when visiting N CONWAY in the future. I’ll definitely be buying a beautiful keepsake wen I return. The inventory is fabulous and cannot wait to have some stones & metals jewelry designed for me & my family. Had to catch a plane so didn’t have much time to look at everything. Thanx Emily for your pleasant attitude and aim to please with me. Such a happy place

My husband and I got married this past November in the White Mountains, and we needed wedding bands for the ceremony on super short notice – one day prior to be exact! Numerous locals recommended we visit North Country Fair Jewelers to find bands, and while their showroom selection was broad and filled with gorgeous rings, we were after a specific design. The owners son in law consulted with us, then offered to design rings for us both that very afternoon! We grabbed lunch, then were able to pick up the rings a few hours later. They were exactly what we discussed, gorgeously textured with the wood effect that spoke to our adventurous souls, inscribed inside with the inscription desired. Not only were the rings fabulous, but each and every member of the staff was friendly, genuine, helpful and a pleasure to be around! The next day, we brought in my engagement ring to be resized, and while the owners daughter was doing so she noticed a crack. She called in her husband who came in straight away (It was his day off!!) and repaired the platinum band then and there. This team went above and beyond for us those 2 days – I cannot recommend them more. Excellent!

Staff were super personable and helpful. Were able to rhodium plate a ring for me and put a new battery in my tough cookie of a watch in less than 20 minutes. And, as a bonus, you can bring your dog in!

Friendly staff, knowledgeable jewelers. Always a fresh selection. I very much enjoy visiting this hidden gem. I am local so I can stop by regularly. Coins, watches, antique jewelry and much more.

awesome experience! I’m absolutely amazed by the level of service. I had a specific design for a wedding ring that no one seemed to carry. I wanted a hand hammere titanium band. They said they didn’t know if it could happen in titanium. Rather than suggesting something else the shop owner (I’m assuming) grabbed a hammer and a sample band and went to work. It was perfect. I didn’t think you could get service like this anymore. To make things even better the price was amazing, I walked out of there feeling like I should have paid more. I can’t say as though I’ve ever felt like that before.

My favorite jewelry store, if you are looking for one of the kind, solid, quality jewelry this is the place. Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff makes the shopping experience very pleasant.

I bought a gorgeous 3 stone diamond ring for my 10th wedding anniversary, and had an incredible experience with the staff at this jewelry store. I didn’t feel pressured, I was thrilled with the service. I love my ring 🙂

Amazing place. Not many jewelers like them left since it became more profitable to scrap rather than sell older pieces. Very helpful as I’m wishing to sell an unfashionable piece which would be difficult to disassemble. I now have a next step

Looking for mountain inspired jewelry, my husband and I stopped in and were immediately greeted by friendly and attentive people. After explaining what we were looking for, we were shocked to find the jeweler working on a piece that was a perfect fit! Uncanny, it was such a ment to be moment, highly recommend stopping in for in for your jewelry needs.

Fantastic Service!! So friendly, and so quick with a repair on a piece of jewelry that hadn’t even been purchased here. And they do so much for our community. All future jewelry purchases will be done here! Thank you!

Excellent selections! I found the perfect ring in there and my husband brought it for me at a great price!! Happy anniversary to me!! lol

They are always friendly, helpful and answered my questions and made me feel like I mattered

I work in a few kitchens locally. They engraved my kitchen equipment and it looks fantastic

Locally owned and operated shop with knowledgeable staff that can help you in designing a custom piece

Family is great to work with and honest, they stand by their products

Amazing service….and my ring is stunning!

Wonderful people in a wonderful place!! Beautiful Treasures for all!!

Wonderful people in a wonderful place!! Beautiful Treasures for all!!