About Us

Brian Smith
After four years of college at the University of Maine I took a leap of faith with two other craft people and opened a small retail and studio work in the summer of 1969. I discovered a passion for creating jewelry and working with precious metals and gems.

With little previous jewelry training, I began studying and experimenting with many techniques and styles always focusing on strength and flowing designs. I have held onto my original goal of creating high quality custom and handmade jewelry. One of the most rewarding aspects of my vocation is working with a customer to find or create the perfect piece which reflects the positive emotion of that special occasion or event.

We also offer an extensive selection of antique and estate jewelry from many periods. The store has evolved to become a full service family business able to procure, create, appraise and repair most anything in the jewelry industry. I thoroughly enjoy studying the styles & history of jewelry and have been a long time charter member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. I feel extremely fortunate to be a resident of the beautiful Mount Washington Valley and am proud to share our jewelry adventure, services and products with both locals and visitors in North Conway and Conway, NH.



Emily Smith-Mossman
emily-smith-mossmanI have been around jewelry my whole life, however my passion for jewelry and the craft was slow in the making. In 2000 I began working full time at my fathers store, in its new location. At first I was working the floor doing retail sales, then one day my father wanted me to try soldering. The second I picked up the torch, watched the solder flow and the glow of the metal, I realized this was my path, this is what I am supposed to be doing!

My love for creating, and repairing jewelry grows everyday. I specialize in custom designs using precious metals, and a variety of stones. Some examples of my work include freeform organic designs, custom wedding jewelry, hand-stamped personalized jewelry, and large pieces that make a statement!

My new found love is working with antique watch movements: re-using them to create new and interesting jewelry pieces. This new line is called, “Resurrecting Time” . I like the idea of taking something that has been discarded, and exposing a side and beauty that has never been fully realized. That same philosophy I also apply to randomly found objects, to create found jewelry pieces out of things such as old gears, old knobs, etc. It has become my little way of recycling these special little forgotten treasures! I reside in the White Mountains with my husband, young daughter, and small pet menagerie.


Greg R. Mossman
greg-mossmanI recently joined the team here at North Country Fair Jewelers as of Febuary 2012. My interests in jewelry began as a fluke by my wife asking me to come in and size a ring for her to see if I could learn.  From that day forth I became in love with jewelry and the many things come with it.  I grew up with an art background that has helped me with my education with metal smithing.  I’ve always had my hands in being creative either it be building something, repairing or tinkering on my projects I have. ie: bicycles, motorcycles, classic cars, paintings, etc.  I look at jewelry as a puzzle and I try to figure out how its done.  I enjoy the creative aspects of metal smithing and being involved in making a piece of jewelry that can be cherished for many years to come.




Lenore K. Allen
lenore-allenThe joy of working with my hands began in my youth with my mother teaching me piano, and my dad and I building wooden toys in his workshop. Later I was fortunate to attend private art classes where the focus was on creative use of natural elements and discarded man made items – sticks, plastic, rubber, rocks and metal. My specialty soon turned to designing and building oversized spinning mobiles made of ocean drift wood, weathered and smoothed by mother nature, with some structures as large as 10 by 13 feet.

My energy here at North Country Fair Jewelers continues to focus on nature’ s creations. I string pearl & natural stone or beaded necklaces, and design pearl wedding sets. I restore antique pieces, rebuild metal earrings, and create awesome pendants made with raw stones, some wrapped in gold and silver wire. I also refurbish turquoise pieces, and have lots of fun engraving just about any type of jewelry!